About us

To create a community of  Democratic registered voters where all can express their beliefs, promote their values and actively pursue a progressive society.


- To increase numbers of Democratic registered voters and  Vote by Mail registered voters in our towns.
- To maximize turnout of Democratic registered voters in all elections -- municipal, state and federal.
- To support Democratic candidates for all elected and appointed offices, boards and commissions in Monmouth County.

We believe...
- In social equality, equal opportunity and the use of government to pursue both.
- In a safe, secure America, fair wages, universal healthcare, first-rate education systems accessible to all and environmental policies that sustain the planet and human life.
- That United States foreign policy must reflect the tenets of our Constitution, the goodness of our citizens and our irrevocable commitment to continuity of human existence.
- That we must actively advocate and work for these beliefs in our own local community.
- That activism and involvement in political processes are fundamental responsibilities of citizenship.